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Please visit our GO FUND ME fundraiser campaign at
Please help filmmaker Louise Krikorian complete the Kitty Daniels with Majid Shabazz Jazz Legends 15 minute documentary and take it on tour to film festivals virtually around the world. Her 2020 goal is to raise $20,000 so she can pay for the final production and search for a distributor, like Ava DuVernay's ArrayNow or Netflix. Louise has already spent $35,000 to make the film and cannot attend film festivals to meet with distributors this year due to COVID-19. The only hope of finding a distributor now is to submit the film to as many film festivals around the world.  This has caused her original budget to increase significantly.  Louise needs your help. Please consider even a small donation to finalize and promote Kitty Daniels with Majid Shabazz Jazz Legends, a story that needs to be heard now.

Kitty Daniels with Majid Shabazz Jazz Legends has won the prestigious BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY FILM AWARD at the Sunscreen Film Festival in St Petersburg, Florida on October 22, 2020. You can help this important documentary reach more fans.

  • Created by Tampa filmmaker Louise Krikorian with her diverse team

  • In collaboration with NPR's Bob Seymour and The Palladium’s Paul Wilborn 

  • Our goal is to play in theaters at film festivals around the world in 2021

Thank you to donors including:

  • Tampa Jazz Club

  • Al Downing Tampa Bay Jazz Association

  • Suncoast Jazz Festival

  • Buddy Ford

  • Ron Kert

  • Gil Mason

  • George Mitchell

  • Toni Thompson

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